wel Wang Bo twisted for her. She felt refreshed and had an indescribable sweetness.

wel Wang Bo twisted for her. She felt refreshed and had an indescribable sweetness.
“Give it to me, I’ll hang it up.” Wang Bo said when he saw Zhong Jiahui finishing wiping her hands and face and getting ready to go out.
“It’s okay, I’ll take it back and put it away.” Zhong Jiahui said.
“Just give it to me. I’ve made you tired for so long, and you still don’t allow me to run errands for you?” Wang Bo glared at Zhong Jiahui, stretched out his hand, and wanted to grab the towel from Zhong Jiahui’s hand. During the pull, the two of them Their hands accidentally touched each other. Wang Bo was thick-skinned, but he didn’t think anything of it, but Zhong Jiahui felt as if he had touched a red-hot iron. The hand holding the towel was frightened, and she shrank back. She glanced at Wang Bo quickly, and the red cloud that had mostly disappeared from her face returned. It rises like sediment.
/He rubbed Zhong Jiahui’s towel with hot water, wrung it out, and hung it on the horizontal bar beside him. Wang Bo returned to the bedroom and saw that Zhong Jiahui had sat back on the edge of the bed, so he sat back on the chair that made him think and feel comfortable not long ago.
The two continued to chat.
Probably because of the “intimate contact”, after a little discomfort, the two of them quickly became more relaxed, and the chat topics also developed in a more private and personal direction. For example, while chatting, Wang Bo started joking. I began to care about Zhong Jiahui’s previous relationship experiences.
When Wang Bo asked about her love experience, Zhong Jiahui was of course unwilling to tell her, but she couldn’t resist Wang Bo’s persistent pursuit and the temptation to exchange her own love experience. One after another, she confided a lot of herself to Wang Bo like squeezing toothpaste. Curious and concerned questions.
Through Zhong Jiahui’s unnatural narration, Wang Bo began to understand that the girl in front of him who had just massaged his head, just like her girlfriend Liang Ya, had been “attracting bees and butterflies” since she was a child, and was the focus of boys’ attention. Starting from the third grade of elementary school, Zhong Jiahui began to receive love letters from boys at school. The older she got, the more and more dense the love letters she received. But until now, except for one love letter she had replied to from her ex-boyfriend Zhang Zheng in the third grade of junior high school, , but none of the others’ letters were answered.
When Zhong Jiahui said this, Wang Bo felt an inexplicable jealousy in his heart. He wanted to ask Zhong Jiahui face to face:
If I write you a love letter now, will you reply to me?
/Of course, this is just his imagination and extravagant hope, and it is impossible to ask. He has a girlfriend and is still entangled with several women outside. He has lost the qualification to ask this question. However, it did not prevent him from further exploring the secrets between her and her ex-boyfriend Zhang Zheng, who had been sent to the cell by him.