oes not care about repairing it – the last time it was repaired was more than ten years ago. Son.

oes not care about repairing it – the last time it was repaired was more than ten years ago. Son.
Especially in the past two years, the nearby roads have become worse and worse, and the business of Hongfu Restaurant has become even worse.
Zeng Xianhong once proposed to build a twenty-foot road in front of his house, but Wang refused to agree – our store is less than three feet wide, why do you want to build a twenty-foot road?
Could it be that he wanted to help the little widow in the grocery store? The road has been repaired, making it easier for you two to travel!
Ms. Wang is a standard-minded person and a womanly person. She doesn’t make money that’s not safe, and she doesn’t spend money that shouldn’t be spent.
So she simply told Wang Zengxianhong that if he wanted to build a road, he could find the money himself. I don’t have any money here!
I want to be rich, but what about getting married? Zeng Xianhong was really in a dilemma now. The rainy season was coming soon, and the store would be deserted for a long time. He was confused for a while.
At this moment, there was a soft sound of stepping in the distance, and when I looked sideways, I saw two teenagers riding horses and holding umbrellas, walking slowly over.
One was a fat boy and the other was a lanky boy. They came to the door of the restaurant. The fat boy tightened the reins and said, “The rain is really annoying, how about we have two glasses of wine before we go?”
The two got off their horses, and a boy came to take the reins. Taking it, the lanky boy took something covered in cowhide from the horse’s back, which seemed to be about two feet in diameter.
The two teenagers ordered two bottles of wine and two side dishes. The wine He hadn’t warmed up yet, but he heard the lanky boy say, “The time is coming, “There is a Well Behind the Well” is about to start again, and it is really exciting.” The
/fat boy snorted, “Today it is your turn to contribute, I just listen. .”
Zeng Xianhong had already noticed that the nameplates on their waists were from Bo College, and they must be two undergraduates.
But what happened next surprised him greatly. The thin man opened the cowhide, and there was a square box underneath. The thin man put the box on the table, put his hand on the box, and suddenly there was a sound. .
“Tick-tick, tick-tock, the big loudspeaker starts broadcasting. After a stick of incense, it is “Storytelling Time”, the eighth episode of “There is a Well Behind the Well”. Has Sir Jing seen through the foreign trap? Stay tuned” “The Well
Behind the Well ” Is there a well? Zeng Xianhong had also heard of this story, but not entirely, but this did not hinder his understanding, so he looked at the box curiously: You students are really good at playing.
The time for burning an incense stick was very short, it came in the blink of an eye, and then the thin man put his hand on the box again, and another voice came from inside, “There is a well behind the well, Chapter 8, please invite everyone from Fang Tianshan.”