lly consolidated your status.

lly consolidated your status.
It took Scholar Huyan much longer than he did to consolidate his status.
But this is not surprising. Compared with the family background, the Huyan family is at least two blocks behind the Gongsun family.
/Gongsun Buqi has a large number of genius treasures in his hands, and he also has methods to consolidate his state. Ending this state as soon as possible will ensure that the true king can protect himself in the shortest time and even go into battle after he proves the truth.
Not to mention that Buqi Zhenjun has proved his true nature for the second time, and his body and soul have been tempered to a height that others cannot reach.
After leaving the formation, everyone came up to congratulate him. Even Chadu Guanhe Dujiao, who had already left, sent someone a gift to congratulate him for proving the truth.
This is just a small gift. When Gongsun Buqi returns to the family and officially holds the celebration, it will be the time to give out celebratory gifts. However, by that time, the Gongsun family will only send an invitation to Xuannv Palace, which is very messy. No turn to appear.
Take Xuannv Palace as an example. Zhao Xinxin can go, of course, she doesn’t have to go. Queen Xuan will go. If approved, Lord Ding Jing and Lord Li Hua can also go. They all agree, but it’s not necessarily true. Get the turn.
Then, two True Lords sent congratulations through their avatars. Interestingly, one True Lord said that he had an amazingly talented junior in his family. Although he was only a middle-level True Lord at the moment, he had good foundation and was able to advance quickly. Not a good match for the true king.
Gongsun Buqi was a little dumbfounded, so he could only express tactfully: I have just confirmed the truth, and there are many things to be busy with. I will not consider the matter of Taoist companions for the time being.
That Zhenjun didn’t care at all, he just smiled and said, we are not in a hurry. When you have this idea, just think about it.
/After all, both parties are already the top beings in this plane, and they must pay attention to their dignity. They cannot do things like catching a son-in-law under the ranking. Moreover, Liaoxi Gongsun is an old reclusive family with a profound background and a well-known reputation. You can force it at will.
These mundane entertainments took more than half a day. That night, Gongsun Buqi borrowed the land of the Ninth Princess to hold a banquet for the guests, thanking everyone for their help when he confirmed the truth.
Most of these more than fifty real people came uninvited. Although they were under the guise of protecting the Dharma, they also gained something for themselves. It was hard to say who owed a favor to whom.
Therefore, when the banquet was over, Gongsun Buqi deliberately left Zi Yan behind, saying that Zi Yan had done a great job in protecting the Dharma this time and had also suffered some losses. I don’t know what you hope to gain.
But what is certain is that Gongsun Buqi owes the fav