is nothing. If it makes you anxious, just clean it up.”

is nothing. If it makes you anxious, just clean it up.”
“That’s right,” the stout man nodded, thinking to himself, who doesn’t know how to brag? “Just watch how I clean up the Sha family.”
Just when he was about to leave, Zhang Laoshi grabbed him and whispered, “If it’s convenient, I can find out some news about Prince Ning’s Mansion. Brother, I’m very grateful. .”
The sturdy man glanced at him and thought that this person was just planning for a rainy day and didn’t want to confront Prince Ning’s mansion. He hesitated and nodded, “Okay, I know it. Talking about money is vulgar.”
Talking about money is vulgar. , It’s really impossible not to talk about it. At night, the stout man said, our boss has already talked to the Sha family, and the Sha family categorically denied your statement-the little girl was lost in front of the Wang family. What’s the matter with the Sha family?
However, the Sha family also said that if you don’t have money to talk to the kidnappers, the Sha family can borrow such a sum of money, which can be regarded as a rescue.
At this time, Zhang Laoshi was too lazy to talk to the stout man. He directly said: Tell us about the affairs of Prince Ning’s Mansion. I won’t bother you about the girl’s affairs.
The stout man felt that the atmosphere was a bit strange, so he wanted to find an excuse, but unexpectedly he saw the man and woman walking over.
At the same time, Zhang Laoshi also released his own aura, then quickly restrained it, looking at the other party with a half-smile.
The stout man was originally just a high-level cultivator, but when the high-level master’s breath came out, he almost wet his pants. He looked at Zhang Laoshi in horror, “Third Master, what are you?” ”
I’m a good friend.” Zhang Laoshi said calmly, “Master Six, please tell me everything you know. Don’t you also envy Master Han Wu’s fortune?”
Master Han Wu was the man from the world who was said to be valued by the Gongsun family.
/How could a strong man dare to expect such an opportunity? Not to mention him, even the boss of his own family did not expect to have such a good fortune.
But it was okay. His contact with the other party had always been very friendly, so he plucked up the courage to ask, “Third Master, are you a real person?”
“Sixth Master really has good eyesight,” Zhang Laoshi nodded with a smile. “Look, my master and mistress are here to talk, right?”
Do I have the guts to say no? The stout man smiled bitterly. Even his servants were real people. The identities of these young men and women were really scary. “Third Master, you can’t call me that anymore. I can’t afford it, Xiao Liu.” Next,
everyone I found a deserted place by the river and talked about the recent developments in Prince Ning’s Mansion.
Just as Li Yongsheng thought, after King Ning was assassinated, Princess Ning went crazy, chasing those who spread rumors everywhere. She said firmly: The court must agree to let my child attack the prince.
/It is said that although the Qiu family is powerful, it cannot stop the