life for it.

Dark red blood gushed out like spring water in Tie Tu’s arms, but Tie Tu’s face was full of shock and surprise. He could swear by the lamp that he really had no intention of killing Ao Xuan, he just wanted to kill Ao Xuan. Xuan’s body-protecting true essence shield was scattered, and then he was captured alive. He didn’t even think of hurting Ao Xuan, because he knew very clearly what terrible consequences and revenge it would bring.
/It’s just that the progress of the matter is not dependent on will. When Ao Xuan died, he died in the circle of Tie Tu’s arms. At the moment when Tie Tu’s arms circle and killed, Ao Xuan’s body-protecting true energy shield and the whole body The defense seemed to be suddenly reduced to zero or even negative. There is a reason for this, of course, and the reason is very simple. It’s just because Zhu Peng glared at Ao Xuan with his fourth-stage Purple Soul Heavenly Eyes. With just one look, the life of this proud man was completely cut off.
Chapter 564 “The Emperor’s Shocking Record”, Thunder
The terrifying pupil technique solidified by the “Eye of Doom” Zhu Peng’s Purple Soul Sky Eye has evolved to the fourth stage. Under the normal gaze of the Doom’s Eye, it can invisibly reduce the defense power of the being being stared at by about 15%. If the Taoist technique is directly activated, the opponent’s origin can be temporarily knocked out of the body through special power.
During this period of time, the recipient’s defense will be severely reduced. An eighth-level Qi Refiner like Ao Xuan, whose overall strength is far weaker than Zhu Peng, will be glared at by Zhu Peng’s Doomsday Eye, and his defense will be reduced. It can be said that it has been reduced to a minus several hundred points.
In this case, let alone Tie Tu’s iron arm circle kill, Ao Xuan couldn’t bear even Tie Tu’s random punch, let alone Tie Tu’s eighth level iron arm circle kill, Ao Xuan’s whole body was almost Yu was crushed into sashimi as a matter of course – the female Dragon King Ao Mei was worthy of her golden words. Her casual words became a prophecy. She can be called the most amazing and top-level crow’s mouth in this century.
/Outside the Crystal Palace, with the Zerg biological warships as the vanguard, the insect-beast alliance has begun to fully invade the Crystal Palace. The huge barrier shield of the Crystal Palace has been breached, leaving a large gap. Three large Zerg warships flew in and began to open the lower chamber. Pours down a large amount of white turbid slime and a large number of insect soldiers accompanying the slime.
Ao Mei, the Lord of the Dragon Palace, led a group of more than ten experts to face the troops of the Insects and Wild Beasts. Most of them were strong men in the Foundation Establishment Realm. Once they joined forces and used their full strength, no matter whether they were insects or Wild Beasts, they were almost no match for one enemy. , a giant mountain insect that was as huge as a mountain looked very ferocious and terrifying, and its actual spiritu