e say?”

Yue Ming said: “He told me yesterday that Captain Zhao will definitely be dismissed. If Shu Po can do that, the Public Security Department will definitely not escape responsibility. Strictly speaking, the credibility of the Public Security Department will be damaged to a great extent. Damage, so the Public Security Department has to find someone to take all the responsibilities, and Captain Zhao is undoubtedly the best choice.”
Lin Xingchen nodded and said, “Wei Renwu and I really think alike.”
/Yue Ming did not answer immediately, but turned his attention to Zhang Feng.
Zhang Feng said in confusion: “Why are you looking at me?”
Lin Xingchen seemed to understand Yue Ming’s meaning, but did not point it out immediately.
It was Yue Ming who finally gave the answer. Yue Ming said: “Mr. Wei believes that Officer Zhang has the ability to be a captain. He just needs an opportunity, and now is an opportunity.”
Lin Xingchen then agreed: “Zhang Feng is indeed very capable. This time Zhao Jun’s position is vacated, so he should try to fight for it.”
“Me?” Zhang Feng felt a little excited in his heart, “Can I really do it?”
“I think Brother Zhang is hundreds of times more powerful than that bitch Zhao Jun, and is completely qualified for that position.” Xiao Wei also encouraged him.
“Yes, when Captain Lin was away, it was Brother Zhang who directed us to complete the mission, and Brother Zhang’s performance was also very outstanding.” Yang Wen’er also said.
For a moment, the topic was opened, and everyone supported Zhang Feng. Even Fang Ronghua, who had always been quiet, said: “I think it will work.”
Encouraged by everyone, Zhang Feng himself was finally full of confidence. He said: “Since everyone thinks so, let me give it a try.”
Yue Ming said: “Come on, Officer Zhang. Even Mr. Wei is optimistic about you. You will definitely be able to do it. Mr. Wei rarely makes miscalculations.”
Zhang Feng nodded and said: “I will work hard.”
“As ordered.” Everyone replied in unison.
He thought in his mind that since Wei Renwu hadn’t gotten up yet, he must not have eaten yet. He had to rush home to cook, otherwise when Wei Renwu got up, he would have to complain all day long.
Yue Ming drove his blue “Maserati” and rushed home as fast as possible, but his fastest speed actually did not exceed ten yards.
The top speed of a Maserati cannot exceed ten yards per hour. This is simply an insult to Maserati.
Yue Ming didn’t want this, and he was helpless, but what was even more helpless was that he was in a city called “Chengdu”.
Yue Ming wanted to go home anxiously, but the street was blocked into a beautiful landscape. He regretted that he did not take a detour, but walked to the city center in order to get home faster.
There was no other way. Wei Renwu would definitely scold him when he returned home. He could only silently accept this fact.
Since he couldn’t go home right away, he had to find some fun for himself on the immobile street to relieve the boredom of the traffic jam.
Yue Ming is a person who loves cars