as been practicing in the gray world for so long, and compared with his peers, his willpower is definitely considered to be steel.

But even so, when seeing such a powerful existence as the baby snake, it is still unavoidable to have weak legs.
On the other hand, Zhu Xinyi performed much better than Huang Kun.
Although she is only eighteen years old this year and is still just a girl compared to Wei Xiaobei, she is still an adult and has much stronger willpower.
“Too, too, too big!”
After a while, Huang Kun uttered a sentence with a stuttering voice.
Wei Xiaobei did not despise his apprentice. In fact, when Wei Xiaobei saw the scene where the Bas snake larvae appeared again, the shock in his heart was still so severe.
I have to say that this snake is really too powerful.
Just as a larvae, it can reach a length of hundreds of meters. I really don’t know how long the snake will be when it becomes an adult.
Moreover, the size of this snake creature is originally designed to grow throughout its life, and its size will continue to grow until it reaches old age and death.
Not knowing how long this snake lived, Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but his thoughts began to wander.
After a while, after the river calmed down completely, Wei Xiaobei led his disciples and a group of monsters away from the river and quickly passed through the snake-infested place.
/Just after passing the place where the Bass snake was infested, Wei Xiaobei saw a Dangkang wild boar rushing into the tree monster forest with its huge strength, and fought with several tree monsters.
It has to be said that the roots of the tree monster that constantly extend out of the ground will make the enemy feel uncomfortable.
But the tree monster is only a one-star elite monster, while the Dangkang wild boar is a two-star terror monster. The strength gap between the two is really big.
Dangkang Yezhu followed the routine of defeating ten groups with one force. He lowered his head, raised two long and thick fangs, and rushed towards the tree monster.
Although the tree roots emerging from the ground entangled the legs of the Dangkang wild boar, they were unable to withstand the huge force of the impact. As soon as they entangled, they broke apart.
There was a click, and Dangkang’s wild boar hit the trunk of a tree monster.
/The tree trunk with the diameter of a large ocean bowl could not withstand the huge force of the Dangkang wild boar, and it broke from the impact point in the blink of an eye.
After that, a large amount of crystal liquid gushed out from the broken part of the trunk. The Dangkang wild boar was overjoyed when he saw it. He immediately moved up to it, opened his big mouth, bit into the broken part of the trunk, and sucked it hard, completely ignoring the surrounding trees. Roots came to entangle themselves.
There is no doubt that the wild boar regards the tree monster as its own food.
But this Dangkang wild boar didn’t know that the mantis was hunting the cicada, the oriole was behind, and he was tasting the delicious tree sap, but a few p