ad not come across such amazing works!

It must be stunning enough for tribal literature to compete with Feng Hua’s blog for traffic, but how can such a manuscript appear so easily?
Wei Long felt heavy.
At this moment, he saw a new manuscript received in his mailbox, which was sent by Chu Kuang, whom he had contacted before:
The name is very common.
However, short stories don’t need to have fancy names. What really matters to Wei Long is the content. After experiencing several disappointments, Wei Long now only hopes that Chu Kuang’s manuscripts can maintain a consistent standard.
Just stay consistent.
Chu Kuang is a general!
Although there is Feng Hua’s bonus on the blog, if the overall level of tribal literature is not bad, it is not without its ability to fight. Anyway, short story lovers do not just read one novel. This is the only thing Wei Long can do. Excuses to comfort yourself.
Click it.
Wei Long started to look.
The story starts from the perspective of a beautiful but poor woman. Because of her poverty, this woman married a junior clerk who also had no great ability. The couple lived a tight life.
Women pursue material things.
She was always full of sadness because of the shabby condition of her house, the rough walls, the old furniture, and the vulgar clothing materials. She dreamed that she could wear gorgeous clothes, have countless servants at her disposal, and have delicacies to her heart’s content. enjoy
Wei Long was thoughtful.
/He roughly guessed that the purpose of Chu Kuang’s story was probably to revolve around the topic of matter. This was in line with Chu Kuang’s previous short story routines. He liked to use short stories to achieve a certain satirical effect. This was the sense of luxury in Wei Long’s eyes. His expectations rose slightly.
Keep watching.
this day.
The husband, somewhat triumphantly, took out an invitation and showed it to his wife: “The Minister of Education has the honor to invite Mr. and Mrs. Wang to attend the party held in the headquarters building on Monday, January 18th.”
Mr. Wang thought his wife would be happy. This was an invitation that he had spent a lot of effort to get.
There are so many colleagues in the Ministry of Education, but not everyone can be invited by the Minister of Education to attend the party.
However, the wife was angry for no reason.
At least this little clerk working in the Ministry of Education couldn’t understand his wife’s anger.
It turned out that Mrs. Wang felt that she did not have decent clothes to attend this grand party.
The most embarrassing thing in the world is to look poor among many rich women.
This is Mrs. Wang’s explanation.
Mr. Wang had no choice but to negotiate a sum of money so that his wife could buy some decent clothes.
/The wife said: Four hundred yuan is enough for me to own such clothes.
Mr. Wang’s face turned a little blue.
Because he was saving such a sum in his hand to buy a gun so that he could go to the plains with some hunting friends to hunt birds on weekends this su