rpses, and suddenly felt a little creepy again.

The reason is simple, these originally dead human corpses are disappearing.
In the end, these human corpses turned into dim golden threads and flew towards the village.
Seeing this scene, Wei Xiaobei hesitated for a moment, then gritted his teeth and followed the golden threads.
However, when he arrived at the entrance of the village, Wei Xiaobei stopped. This position was enough for Wei Xiaobei to see clearly everything that happened in the village, including the changes in the pagoda.
It didn’t take long for the dim golden thread to fly to the front of the pagoda, and without any pause, it dived into the golden light surrounding the pagoda.
Next, there was no change in the golden light around the pagoda.
/But Wei Xiaobei still waited. He knew that after those golden threads penetrated into the pagoda, it was impossible not to change.
Sure enough, the next change was not beyond Wei Xiaobei’s expectation.
About half an hour later, golden threads emerged from the golden light of the pagoda, fell to the ground, and then turned into rabbits.
Wei Xiaobei counted the number. There were thirteen heads, and there was no difference from the previous number.
There was no doubt that those human corpses had turned into rabbits again.
After these rabbits landed, they jumped along the road out of the village and ran towards the outside of the village.
Even when passing by Wei Xiaobei, these rabbits still did not pause at all. Just like before, they did not see Wei Xiaobei at all and ran towards the grass next to the stream.
Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but feel chilled. There was no doubt that if there were wild wolves, these rabbits would repeat their previous experience.
Their lives are like a M?bius strip, going from the front to the flip side, and from the flip side to the front again, and this cycle never stops.
This is simply more cruel than killing them completely.
At least Wei Xiaobei is not willing to enjoy this kind of life.
When Wei Xiaobei returned to the stream and saw that the human body that had been transformed from a wild wolf was still there, he couldn’t help but feel a little relieved.
Fortunately, this has not changed.
If after I kill the black mist, the human corpse turned into a wild wolf disappears like the rabbit human corpses, and then reappears, I really can’t stand it.
Wei Xiaobei may even wonder whether his life has been under the control of other beings from beginning to end. Fortunately, after getting rid of the black mist, the human body of the wild wolf did not change.
This also illustrates one point.
Such a change in the rabbit’s appearance should be the effect brought about by the golden thread.
However, Wei Xiaobei did not touch the rabbits at this time.
He is not stupid. The prototype of the Altar of Life has not yet awakened. Even if he catches these rabbits and forces out their golden threads, he can only kill them with a big gun at most, without getting any benefit at all.
/This white mist magical gun can absorb the power c