will die under my axe. Fire ax, touching the sharp ax blade, asked Jiang Jinyuan a few more questions.

will die under my axe. Fire ax, touching the sharp ax blade, asked Jiang Jinyuan a few more questions.
Jiang Jinyuan remained silent for a long time, seemingly thinking about how to answer Liu Qian’s question.
Liu Gan was not in a hurry, he just touched the ax blade and stared at Jiang Jinyuan with his eyes, exerting strong psychological pressure on him. He knew that Jiang Jin was originally a staff member of Sanyu Company and was sent into this game, so he would definitely have some information that ordinary players could not know. This information could give Liu Qian a deeper understanding of the world of trembling. , making it easier for him to survive here.
“Let’s go farther and talk.” Jiang Jinyuan looked at Lulu beside the flower bed and suggested it to Liu Qian.
Liu Gan estimated that Jiang Jinyuan must have deceived Lulu and Pan Hua before, so he didn’t want Lulu to expose what he said next, but it had no impact on him, so he walked away with Jiang Jinyuan. Some.
Lulu kept lying on her knees and crying softly, completely immersed in her own pain and despair, and didn’t even pay attention to the conversation between Liu Qian and Jiang Jinyuan.
“Since you don’t want to go back to the real world and just want to stay here, there is no point in me continuing to hide it from you about this game and what happened in the real world in the past two days.” Jiang Jinyuan stood up again and lowered his voice. He spoke to Liu Qian.
“Well, continue.” Liu Qian nodded, thinking that he would be able to force Jiang Jinyuan to tell some shocking news this time.
“I am actually a volunteer recruited by the company. When I came in, I was not prepared to go back alive, because even if I go back alive, I won’t be able to live for long, and my life will be very painful.” Jiang Jinyuan pondered for a while and then said. A few words.
Liu Qian didn’t say anything. Jiang Jin originally didn’t want to go back after entering the game because of cancer. He felt the same. Just like himself, it would be better to stay in this trembling world with sound limbs than to live in a useless state like a useless person without limbs in the real world.
/Although there are many dangers here, you have to struggle every day for food and water, and you have to struggle every day to find a safe place to sleep. You must be highly vigilant at all times. A slight negligence may lead to loss of life. But no matter what, it is better than having no limbs and staying in the real world like a pig in a cage eating, sleeping, eating, and then waiting to die.
/“Before I came in, I heard some colleagues talking. They said that when the game was officially launched yesterday, although the game entry interface looked like the interface of Sanyu Company, it was actually hijacked by a mysterious force. Something similar Just like a card-swallowing device is installed at the entrance of an ATM machine by someone with ulterior motives, you think your bank card is trapped in the card-swallowing device, but in fact it is trapped in the card-swallowing