is is your home? No one is allowed to leave the place you passed by?” The thin player replied to Liu Gan with an unhappy expression.

is is your home? No one is allowed to leave the place you passed by?” The thin player replied to Liu Gan with an unhappy expression.
“Very good! Do you want to die? I’ll help you!”
Liu Qian had already warned these two players and given them a choice, but the thin player obviously didn’t appreciate it. In this case, he didn’t need to be polite. Remember to smash the bones and cut off his head in different places.
The other player was immediately frightened and quickly turned around and ran away in the direction he came from.
However, his running speed in the wild was obviously not as fast as Liu Gan. He was chased by Liu Gan within a few moments. Seeing Liu Gan raising the ripper knife in his hand, the player knelt down with a ‘plop’ and kowtowed to Liu Gan to beg for mercy. .
“Say! What is the purpose of following me?” Liu Gan asked the kneeling player.
“Someone is collecting information about you. As long as you tell them where you have been and what you have done, you will be rewarded with varying amounts of energy coins,” the kneeling player confessed to Liu Gan.
“Who is collecting?” Liu Gan raised his knife and asked.
“It’s a mission we received from the anonymous mission system in the city. We just accepted the mission and happened to see you on the roadside, so we followed you to record it all the way, hoping to make a few small bucks.” The kneeling player answered Liu Gan.
“Tell the truth! Who asked you to follow me?” Liu Gan raised the ripper in his hand and asked the player again.
/“I’m not lying! It’s really a mission received from the anonymous mission system!” The kneeling player was so frightened that his whole body trembled, but he had no intention of changing his story.
After Liu Qian was silent for a long time, he raised the ripper and chopped the player to death. It seemed that many players had indeed noticed him now, and they should be more cautious in future actions.
After solving this small episode, there was no further delay on Liugan Road. He spent several hours cleaning up the mutated zombies along the way. After confirming that there were no more players following him, he came to the place where he had previously encountered the level 6 black-spotted zombies. place, after laying the magnetic mines, quietly waiting for the level 6 mutated zombies to come over.
Although the patrol route of the level 6 mutated zombies and their younger brothers looks complicated, there are still rules to follow. Sooner or later, they will separate from the zombie tide of other mutated zombies and come alone to the place where Liu Gan has planted the magnetic mines.
Liu Gan has three magnetic energy mines in his hand, but he may not necessarily use them all. Liu Gan’s tactical arrangement is to use the first magnetic energy mine to clean up the boys around the level 6 black-spotted zombies, and then he rushes over to attack the level 6 black-spotted zombies. Carry out a single target attack, and when the energy of the level 6 black-spotted zombies drops below 40%, launch a second magnet