eman is right, we can survive this crisis.”

The merger between AOL and Time Warner has come to an end, and the negotiations have lasted for more than a year. However, with the collapse of the Internet bubble, AOL’s market value has plummeted, and Time Warner’s board members’ brains are blocked by lard, so they will continue. To carry out this merger and acquisition, now is a good time for Han Xuan to take action.
/At this moment, Han Xuan recalled the news about Time Warner in his mind. He remembered seeing it in a newspaper in 1992. At that time, Time Warner reorganized its entertainment industry and sold 25% of its shares to USWest Telecommunications Company was acquired, and 56% was sold to Japan’s Itochu Corporation and Toshiba Corporation.
At that time, the Japanese were still rich and liked to buy in the United States. The difference was that most companies were in debt, and they were making a lot of money. The so-called big money refers to now. In the previous life, with the decline of AOL, Time Warner In 2002, they lost nearly 90 billion US dollars!
Now, it is a large company with an annual profit of more than 14 billion US dollars. Han Xuan sat on the sofa and closed his eyes to think about this business that was enough for him to spend time thinking about. He found that he had an unimaginable “trump card” in his hand. ”, and then he discovered that acquiring Time Warner wouldn’t cost that much, and he couldn’t help but smile.
He waved to an assistant temporarily arranged by the secretariat. His name was Joey. Unlike Secretary Dawson, who stayed with Han Xuan all day long, Joey was responsible for staying in the company to help Han Xuan handle various matters, big and small. It sounds like he is busier than Dawson.
Han Xuan looked at Joey and asked him: “Who is the current CEO of Time Warner?” It
was a strange question, but Joey often contacted the public relations department to help Han Xuan filter out negative reports, and he was responsible for several major media companies. The top management all knew about it and immediately replied: “His name is Dan Luogan. He is very capable. If you need detailed information, I will arrange for someone to help you sort it out. It won’t take too much time to complete.”
“Okay.” , Sorry to trouble you. Also, contact him for me. I think it is necessary to meet with him, preferably today. If there is no time, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow will do.”
/Han Xuan said calmly.
A company with an iron-clad structure and a steady flow of soldiers. Even the board members of a company are constantly changing, let alone the CEO. The board of directors can remove him at any time if his performance is not good. He rarely pays attention to the affairs of Time Warner Group. When Assistant Joey mentioned it, he immediately knew that it was Who.
He had never thought of going to New York to see each other in person. There was a huge difference in status between the two. What’s more, it was winter and he really didn’t want to suffer in that cold place. The company h