The strip of light spread hundreds of meters long, and fish rippled across the water.
A firefly lights up for a few minutes, and when it goes out, a new one lights up.
The Cowboys don’t know when it’s time.
Everyone opened their eyes wide, especially seeing the sky full of fireflies surrounding Han Xuan. Vet Fanny was even surprised and covered her mouth to prevent herself from screaming.
It is a frustrating regret to have the beauty in front of you all to yourself but no one to share it with.
Anderson immediately ran back to the car, intending to pick up his pregnant wife to see her.
John quickly asked him to call Kelly, and everyone in the family asked him for help. Anderson simply shouted: “I’ll tell everyone! Come whoever wants to come!”
Worried that it wouldn’t last long, he anxiously turned around and speeded up.
There are white eyes and mouth and teeth floating in the air, illuminated by green light, which is slightly scary. Needless to say, it is Martinez.
Old Barton looked excited and kept muttering about coming again and seeing it again.
Next to him, Detective Grover looked straight at the forest and asked him, “What’s coming again?”
“Fireflies! When I worked here years ago, there would be an outbreak of fireflies every few years. It was even more spectacular than this. Later, more pesticides and fertilizers were used, and all these bugs disappeared. They didn’t appear for nearly 40 years, and finally came back!”
/Fanny smiled broadly, glad that she stayed, and almost missed this breathtaking scenery, turned her head and spoke : “Because the environment of the snow mountain pasture is well protected now. The air here is really comfortable, the water is clean, and the aquatic fireflies like these.”
Han Xuan found a place to stay and walked step by step into the birch forest. In some areas, the fireflies were too dense, so it was just a matter of time. It’s a long way to go.
In the woods.
The white tree trunks are clearly revealed, with green light spots lying on them. Fireflies dance between the trees, illuminating the surrounding space.
It was all yellow and green, even on him.
The bugs on Jigglypuff’s body stopped lighting up and started shaking like crazy. After a while, they started to light up again, and they were competing with each other to see who had more bugs and was brighterA sound broke through the air, and the bright yellow and blue macaw BBQ landed on Han Xuan’s head, shouting his name.
Han Xuan rolled his eyes upward, raised his hand and patted it, “I called it wrong again. Why didn’t I see you last time when I went to the tree house? Did you go to Flathead?”
“God! This is really good. Eat!”
He laughed out loud, and he could tell that the parrot was imitating Aunt Kelly’s voice. It knew a lot of BBQ sentences, but it didn’t know what they meant, so it just shouted what it learned as a cry.
“Good evening, BBQ.”
“Good evening, Han Xuan.”
“It’s Han Xuan.”
“Han Xuan.”
“Okay, I’m about to learn.” He raised the camera with both hands and poin