aunched a surprise attack on ‘Tudenan’ instead.

aunched a surprise attack on ‘Tudenan’ instead.
It is a pity that the interference of the three tribes of ‘Samru’, ‘Pelunga’ and ‘Ailuya’ not only failed to cause ‘Tudenan’ to fall apart, but instead allowed it to seize the opportunity in the crisis and unexpectedly seize the opportunity in one fell swoop. Occupy the entire northern end of the island.
Under this situation, ‘Samru’, ‘Phylunga’, and ‘Airuya’ had to form a closer alliance, and unknowingly became the leaders of more than a dozen small tribes in the middle of the island. leader.
So when the matter of sneak attacks on the ‘Stranger’ tribe, obtaining massive material wealth, and stabilizing the situation was resumed, the number of participating tribes increased from three to seventeen.
As an advocate of the attack, the Samru tribe sent more than 5,000 disguised warriors, led by Lumi, the eldest son of the tribe leader and the most likely future leader of the Four Feather Warriors.
They were closest to the ‘human gathering place’. After walking through the forest for only an hour, they saw the magnificent outline of the gathering place’s city wall.
“I will definitely conquer this glorious stone tribe today.” Looking at the endless thick cement walls in the distance, Tulumi shouted secretly in his heart, and kept crossing the ‘gathering place’ City wall gate.
With dozens of Samru warriors around him, they pretended to exchange the ore they brought with them at the ‘Stranger’s’ shop for that magical green piece of paper with the image of a middle-aged land man printed on it, which could be exchanged for anything. As soon as the future secular ruler of Samru walked out of the store, he saw Taruta, the brave general of the Airua tribe, wandering on the flat cement road of the ‘Human Gathering Place’.
The two people met their eyes, smiled tacitly, and passed each other silently. After taking a few steps, Tulumi couldn’t help but smile and said: “The Airuya tribe’s dispatch of troops this time was obviously commanded by Duterba, but even Airuya He’s here too. It seems he doesn’t want to give the ‘strangers’ the slightest chance.”
In order to avoid attracting the attention of the humans in the ‘gathering place’, this raid was carried out in accordance with the prior agreement of ‘Samru’, ‘Pelenga’, ‘ Ailua’ each sent five thousand warriors, and each of the remaining fourteen small tribes sent one thousand warriors, for a total of twenty-nine thousand people.
Of course, these are just the vanguard troops. After the attack starts to cause chaos, the guardian spirits of various tribes and a large number of indigenous warriors will naturally launch a strong attack. Carrying out this sneak attack plan with such a huge force is an easy task in the eyes of all the natives. , and this was indeed the case when the initial attack was launched.
/Night had just fallen, and when the lights of the ‘Human Gathering Place’ began to turn on, as if they had received a signal together, countless natives who were walking around lazily as usual on the street sudden