utside the office There was a knock on the door.

utside the office There was a knock on the door.
“Please come in.” The captain of Atlantis waved his hand to hide the three-dimensional image on the table and said loudly. The door was gently pushed open, and in came Dulefili, who had just sent Zhang Lisheng back to New York City.
As soon as the staff officer entered the office, he stood at attention and saluted Dulefili and said: “Your Excellency Alan Saul, I have sent Dr. Zhang back to New York City, but the last ‘exploration record’…” ”
Oh, it was my mistake. Staff Officer Dulefili, I will send you the video of the conversation with Dr. Zhang.” ”
Thank you, Your Excellency. I will complete the complete exploration report of ‘World 30009’ tonight and submit it to you tomorrow morning.”
/“No need. It’s so urgent that the report will be completed tomorrow. Let’s go and rest first.” The Atlantis captain looked at his diligent subordinates, smiled slightly, and said kindly.
“Yes.” Dule Feili showed a grateful expression. After saluting, he turned around and walked out. Looking at his slender back, a small urgent voice suddenly sounded in Aaron Sol’s ears, and he immediately asked: “Wait a moment. “Excuse me, Staff Officer Dulefili, which neighborhood in New York City did you send Dr. Zhang to?” “His
Excellency, Twelveth Avenue in Manhattan, New York, was requested by Dr. Zhang himself.”
“Dr. Zhang went to the Twelfth Avenue in Manhattan, New York. Where is the Chinese Consul General in New York?” Ellensor frowned and asked again: “Then did he say what he was going to do?”
“He didn’t say, sir, but before I brought Dr. Zhang to the ‘base’, He was about to have dinner with a young lady who worked in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, but was in a very unstable mood. I think he might have gone to see that young lady.” ”
There is also such an ‘interlude’,” Ya Captain Tlantis was stunned and said, “Staff officer, tell me the whole story.”
“It’s your Excellency…” Dulefili stood at attention in a troubled mood and recounted Guo Caiying’s gaffe and everything she said when he took away Zhang Lisheng, word for word, “I felt that the matter was not important, so I didn’t do it in time. To you…”
This is indeed not important. “Yes, you have done a good job, Staff Officer Dulefili, go and have a rest.” At this time, Aaron Saul did not want to hear Dulefili’s confession and waved him away.
Afterwards, the Atlantis captain gently stroked his palm on the desk, causing the three-dimensional projection to appear again. Just as he was about to speak, he saw the woman sighing and saying: “Your Excellency Alan Sol, it seems that we can’t Find out if Dr. Zhang still hides any little secrets about the ‘30009 world’.”
“Why, madam?”
“You are stationed in Mizhou on Earth. You may not know the powerful figures in Asia, but the name Guo Xiping should Have you heard of it?”
“Of course, the future leader of China…” Ellen Saul said and was suddenly startled, “Guo Caiying, Guo Xiping, could it be that between them…”
Such a unique young lady is in a very