ed him.

ed him.
The old man’s antique buyer came to him because of one thing. Han Xuan wanted to call him on his mobile phone. He took Anya’s hand and walked out. When the call was connected, he said: “Mr. Noah, good news. ?”
“Haha, you guessed it right! I’m in Boston now, you’re in New York, right, I’ll drive to find you.”
Before going to Germany and the Maldives, Noah had sold the skull fossils of Sarcosuchus and the skulls of dinosaurs more than 100 million years ago. Snail amber fossil to Han Xuan.
At that time, Han Xuan asked him to help search for animal heads around the world. A few months later, news finally came. He happily asked: “So, how much check should I prepare for you?” ”
You have to spend money this time. Han. Three million U.S. dollars!”
The pre-agreed purchase price was one million U.S. dollars each.
No matter how much money Noah spent to buy it, Han Xuan would buy it from him for one million US dollars per animal head, and the extra money would be used as a reward for him to find and manage it.
The afternoon passed in waiting.
Sitting with Anya in the cafe across the street from the library, watching people come to buy their own books.
After the lights of the Empire State Building turned on, a dark green Jaguar sedan with a dusty body parked downstairs.
Noah, who was wearing a long beige windbreaker and a wide-brimmed hat, got out of the car, picked up three silver square boxes from the trunk, and struggled to hold them.
I looked at the sign of the cafe again and found that the name was correct. I went upstairs through the small iron gate in the alley.
The cafe was empty, Han Xuan and Anya were sitting by the window, and the two secretaries, Dawson and Shen Yutong, were sitting at another table staring at each other.
It’s not that he had to reserve the venue for the show, but Han Xuan couldn’t be quiet when others were around, they would always come to disturb him.
In one afternoon, the cafe owner was able to make a profit that he usually made in five days. He didn’t care about the complaints of the old customers and drove them all out. When Noah appeared, he said: “Sorry, we are not open today. Please come back tomorrow.” As compensation, there will be a 10% discount on drinks and pastries in the store for the next three days.”
Noah raised his right hand to attract Han Xuan’s attention and said to the cafe owner: “I’m here to see him, we know each other. Jason, it’s me. ! Noah!”
/Skillfully put down the box and opened his hands, asking Jason to check whether he was carrying weapons. When he saw Owen opening the box, he reminded: “Be careful, don’t damage your boss’s things.” ”
I know. , but how to open it?” Owen broke it hard, his face turned red.
Noah said speechlessly: “Pull the baffle up”
not long after.
Han Xuan put on his white gloves, carefully took out the contents of the box and placed them on the wooden table.
Under the reddish light, three red copper animal heads – tiger head, bull head and monkey head – are lined up side by side.
It looks like the m