llision, he and the gymnast girl rolled under the balance beam. The gymnast’s head hit the corner of the balance beam hard.

llision, he and the gymnast girl rolled under the balance beam. The gymnast’s head hit the corner of the balance beam hard.
Before everyone could breathe a sigh of relief, the protective covers of the two fans directly above the balance beam suddenly fell down. One hit the gymnast and the other hit Xiao Zhang.
/The two quick-reacting boys rushed over in a hurry, but before they could rush over, they stepped on the water stains on the ground and rolled to the ground. Electricity instantly invaded their bodies. It was so good that the hand that was numbed by the electric shock landed on the protective net that rolled to the ground, and Xiao Zhang’s hand rested on the other end of the fan wire protective net.
The current connected the two boys who fell down, Xiao Zhang, and the gymnast girl who was knocked unconscious.
It’s not over yet!
The large air-conditioning fan at the top and a section of the ventilation duct suddenly vibrated violently, and then fell down completely. Xiao Zhang and the gymnast girl were buried underneath, and they also suppressed the two boys, allowing them to continue to enjoy the electric shock!
Screams filled the entire gymnasium.
Of course, the fan connected to the wire was still spinning, but now it became a meat grinder, with blood, minced meat, and internal organs splashing out from the half of the ventilation duct.
The two boys who were pinned to the ground were so shocked that they no longer twitched.
Blood dyed the gymnasium red.
“Let’s leave quickly. The police will be here soon.” Yin Kuang glanced at the training ground that was like a purgatory on earth, then glanced at Tang Zhaotian not far away, and then left silently.
The others followed soon after.
/They wished they could leave this hellish place as soon as possible. Who knows if that crazy God of Death will let this gymnasium collapse and kill them. Besides, if you don’t leave right away, you’ll be in trouble when the police come. They must be summoned to the police station for a thorough interrogation.
“Okay.” Li Shuangmu let go of his feet and said, “Start now, stand in line again. Liu Xiaxia, you, Tang Zhaotian, you three are eliminated. The rest are up to you.”
Tang Zhaotian on the other side saw Yin Kuang and others leaving and sneaked away in a hurry.
Fortunately, at this moment, the entire gymnasium was shrouded in deep sadness, or silent prayers and mourning, but no one noticed anyone leaving.
However, Yao Yao and the other two boys were so frightened that they lay there like wooden logs, not even knowing that their “classmates” were gone.
On a secret path leaving the campus.
Tang Zhaotian’s group of people suddenly rushed out from the side road. Tang Zhaotian took the lead and walked up to Yin Kuang aggressively. Without saying a word, he punched Yin Kuang in the face.
Yin Kuang has 13 points of perception. When Tang Zhaotian suddenly rushed out, he knew that he was coming with bad intentions. When he saw him, he started fighting without saying a word. Although he was strange