looks more and more like a champion.

looks more and more like a champion.
The Nets’ defense is still solid, but tonight’s glory belongs to the Wizards.
Yao Ming began to dominate the offense more, and his offensive power in the low post was also displayed after gaining weight.
The Nets’ best defensive player is Martin, but he struggled to defend Yao Ming one-on-one.
And once the Nets use double teams, Yao Ming’s passes can always find his teammates in the best position.
You may not expect that in this game, Yao Ming played the playoff masterpiece of his career so far.
He scored 30 points, 13 rebounds, 5 assists and 2 blocks.
He finally helped the Wizards defeat the Nets 93-83 at home and regain a victory!
“He can do anything. He is a center who can be as famous as Shaq.”
At the post-game press conference, Jordan did not hesitate to praise the big man he partnered with.
Think about the centers he played with on the Bulls. No comparison does no harm.
Yao Ming gave him a new basketball experience at the end of his career.
Looking at Kwame Brown’s struggling performance in Houston, he felt that he owed Sun Hao a favor, and it was a big favor.
Because Yao Ming plays better, when fans praise Yao Ming, they also praise him as a person who makes choices.
/It’s simply not too beautiful.
Fans also kept talking in the forum after the game. In addition to Yao Ming, some people also lamented Jordan and Sun Hao.
If Jordan were a few years younger, the two would definitely have more stories.
But fans are discussing more than that.
Just before the end of the day’s game, David Robinson made an announcement during his daily training interview.
This will be his last season. Regardless of whether the Spurs win the championship this season, he will announce his retirement at the end of the season.
This is also another Hall of Fame star who announced his retirement at the end of this season after Stockton and Jordan.
With the rise of the five shooting guards, the superstars of the last century began to slowly fade away from the stage.
This is actually a kind of inheritance. What is missing is that it is spoken by a suitable person at a suitable time point.
Moreover, Robinson’s speech this time was similar to that of Stockton and Jordan before.
The purpose of this is self-evident, which is to use this method to motivate teammates when the team is in an unfavorable situation.
Before the game, the Spurs players had serious expressions. It was not clear whether it was because they lost the previous game or because Robinson had just announced that he would retire at the end of the season.
Among the Spurs players, Duncan has the most serious expression.
Everyone knows about his relationship with David Robinson, and everyone knows that he has a wish to bring David Robinson another championship before he retires.
It was just a signal before the game. When the game started, the fans discovered that Duncan was crazy.
That kind of madness is not reflected on the offensive end, but on the defensive end!
And he almost never ends