this spirit will not only apply to sports, but also in the face of any disaster!” “

this spirit will not only apply to sports, but also in the face of any disaster!” ”
Now Let us work harder and squeeze that guy out of the starting lineup. As long as he is not on the starting lineup, he will definitely not be able to go to the All-Stars!” ”
Kobe, Kidd, Payton, Stockton, any one They are all more worthy of being selected than that guy, let us vote for them!”
Zhang Weiping came to Dallas, and on behalf of CCTV, he asked Sun Hao to co-produce a program, a Spring Festival program.
January 24th is the Chinese New Year, and Sun Hao will record a program to greet domestic fans.
“Little Sun, at the end of our show, you’d better canvass votes for your All-Stars.”
Before recording the show, Zhang Weiping made a suggestion to Sun Hao.
“You see the fans here in the United States are trying their best to canvass for votes. We have to keep up. Don’t feel embarrassed.”
And because he was afraid that Sun Hao would be embarrassed, Zhang Weiping even did some ideological work for him.
“Okay, why not pull if you can? I also want to pull for Nowitzki and Nash.”
Sun Hao is not as shy as Yi Jianlian. Zhang Weiping said it is okay. How could he not take advantage of this opportunity.
/“The relationship is good, why don’t you bring Nowitzki and the others along and do this New Year blessing together.”
Zhang Weiping’s reaction was quite quick.
“No problem, they will definitely be happy.”
Sun Hao confirmed in advance.
On the one hand, they have a good relationship, and on the other hand, how could they not want this opportunity to show their faces in front of Chinese fans.
During the recording of the show, Sun Hao came up with a very interesting idea.
Originally, according to the program schedule, they would have a self-introduction at the beginning, which basically said in Chinese: Hello Chinese fans, who am I?
Sun Hao felt that just saying his name was too common, so he wanted to add a nickname in front of his name.
But unfortunately, Nowitzki and Nash haven’t really made a name for themselves yet, and they don’t have so-called nicknames yet.
“I’ll help you get up!”
Sun Hao had known this for a long time, and he just wanted to have some fun by suggesting this.
“Son of the Wind, Nash.”
Sun Hao did not touch Nash’s nickname. He knew that Nash would also like this nickname in the future.
“The son of the wind, elegant, fast and gorgeous.”
Sun Hao said the nickname in English, but used very gorgeous words when explaining it.
When Nash heard it, he fell in love!
“King of Silver Horns, Nowitzki.”
“What does that mean?”
Nowitzki learned it several times before he learned it, but he had a question mark on his face.
“That’s one of our Chinese gods. Just imagine him as Hercules in Greek mythology, the god of strength, strong!”
Sun Hao also pulled up his sleeves and gestured with his biceps when explaining.
Nowitzki was very excited when he heard it.
He has been criticized by the media as a softie because of his playing style. It would be perfect for him to have such an