returned to the villa.
Grandma was still asking Wang Mengmeng to talk, asking questions very clearly, fearing that she would make some mistake and identify the wrong relative.
This young girl looked a little embarrassed when she saw a strange elder. She sat on the sofa and talked about things at home.
After seeing his grandson, he raised his head and said to Han Xuan, “Let’s get ready. We’ll go out to buy some things. We’ll go visit the descendants of my uncle’s family later. You can go with us.” ”
Okay, I have that family’s phone number. Go and inform them first.”
Han Xuan replied, happy that he would finally have relatives who could visit him during the New Year.
In the past, we would always go to my grandpa’s house, who was also there, or they would come to their own house for a meal. Even after the New Year greetings, I still got the new year’s money, but I could only get it from the five elders in the family, which was much less. pleasure.
Even if he didn’t want to go home now, he could only hold the words of rejection in his heart and watch Han Xuan make a phone call, trying to use his mind to pull him back with invisible hands
. After making preparations, they got into the car and set off.
The area of ??Hong Kong Island is only 78 square kilometers, less than half of Serralvo Island. The total distance from Repulse Bay to Central is about ten kilometers and can be reached by car in twenty minutes.
Han Xuan’s family was visiting relatives. Anya actually didn’t want to go, but he still pulled her along. When they entered the Aberdeen tunnel, it suddenly turned dark. Jigglypuff, who was lying on the girl’s lap, looked out curiously.
This fat cat has eaten well since coming to Asia. Recently, it doesn’t even want to eat the canned meat that it used to like very much. It will eat whatever its owner eats, so it has gained weight again and lies there all day long, too lazy to move.
Anya always held it with her hands, fearing that Jigglypuff would roll off her lap because her body was too round.
/She didn’t know what gifts to buy, but when she learned that her relatives were in the dry goods business, Grandma Han Xuan gave up the idea of ??buying them.
I bought some fruits and biscuits on the roadside. I felt that it was not enough to show my attention, so I went to the department store in Alexandria Building and bought a few Rolex watches. I also brought a few Prada bags and wallets. Then I was satisfied and headed to Graham in Central. street.
There are a lot of places to eat in Central, with Cantonese and Japanese shops everywhere. Looking out through the car window, I can see a few cafes on the roadside that are quite nicely decorated.
People are coming and going, and the new city and the old city coexist. From a distance, you can see the Hua Xia Bank Building, the Central Plaza, the Yangtze River Center Building and the Central Plaza, which are more than 300 meters high, and are under construction.
There are very few high-rise buildings in Tokyo, Japan, and there are very