ternly: “Who did it?”

ternly: “Who did it?”
Then he heard someone’s laughter: “Gao Chu, I’m sorry, it was my hand!”
Gao Tianfang was shocked and turned around to see, if it wasn’t Wen Liang, who could it be?
Gao Tian felt a little bitter when he put it in his mouth, and subconsciously wanted to bend down and call him Young Master Wen, but as soon as he met his eyes, he immediately understood that the relationship between the two was shady, but he couldn’t pretend not to know each other, that would be too easy to attract the public. People doubt. Therefore, the best way to deal with it is to maintain the anger on your face, but suppress it within a suitable range. In just a few seconds, it is really a test of acting skills.
Fortunately, anyone who can be a secretary is as talented as an actor. Gao Tianfang was slightly startled and said in surprise: “Mr. Wen? Why are you here?”
Wen Liang said with a smile: “Director Gao asked this. Strange, could this be a place I shouldn’t be here?”
Gao Tianfang choked. Although his expression was hesitant, he didn’t show any signs of attack. Looking in the eyes of the howling Liu Jiang, he felt very confused. He has known this Gao Dasec for a short time, but they have become close to each other only recently. Observing his way of dealing with people, he is courteous and kind on the surface, but in private he often uses Chen Zongzhi’s name to boss him around. Not an easy person to talk to at all.
/But why are you so tolerant of this young man?
Liu Jiang’s plump face twitched, and he seemed to recall in his mind a legendary young man with the same surname Wen who slapped Mayor Chen hard in the face in front of Yu Peidong and other members of the Standing Committee. .
/When he looked at Wen Liang again, there was already a hint of fear in his eyes that were full of viciousness just now!
“You are free to go wherever you like, Mr. Wen, but it is always wrong to hit someone with your hands, right?”
Wen Liang raised his index finger and shook it, saying, “Director Gao said it wrong again. I said I could use my hands, but I didn’t mention the person I hit. The two are not the same concept, don’t get confused!”
Gao Tianfang’s face was blue and white. Purely in terms of acting skills, he had reached the state of transformation. He pointed at Liu Jiang’s He opened his mouth and said: “Then who beat people like this?”
“If others ask, I really don’t want to answer, but Director Gao is an old friend, so I’ll just tell you. The thing is, this and I A classmate from Xixi was playing a game of throwing sandbags. Well, it was this ashtray. I threw it to her and she threw it to me. She was having fun throwing it. Who knew that Director Liu suddenly rushed over and accidentally knocked his front tooth? On the ashtray, the result is what you see now.”
Gao Tian was a little dizzy after putting it on hard, and finally had a new understanding of Wen Liang’s shamelessness, and could hardly bear to look at Liu Jiang’s expression at this moment. The few people who came with him standing behind hi