xchanges, but you still don’t allow me to talk about it?

xchanges, but you still don’t allow me to talk about it?
The willfulness and eccentricities of literati are recognized by the world. He is also a literati and does not need to be a good guy.
But when commenting on Mu Ziyuan, he was rather mean, “He was just moaning in a pretentious way. I don’t know what he was writing.”
So Xue Zhiqiang burst out – the big boss of the book club, you can’t waste it like this, right?
He was even more dissatisfied with Li Yongsheng’s answer, “You can’t understand, but some people can. We can’t take ignorance as a personality. Can you write such an article?” “I
/can’t,” Li Yongsheng shook his head. , answered honestly, but the next sentence he said was not pleasant to hear, “Even if I can barely write it, I have to tear up the article to serve the public. At least what I need is an article like this.”
This is true at all. , as soon as the radio station is turned on, some people are willing to listen to the recitation of the article, and it must be an article that everyone understands – be aware that many people don’t even know the words. What kind of abstraction are you doing?
“You…” Xue Zhiqiang was so angry that he couldn’t even speak. He held it in for a long time before he said, “You just won a shortlisted award. How dare you underestimate the world
‘s heroes?” Regarding Li Yongsheng’s award, the members of the book club If you say you are not jealous, you would be lying. Five silver dollars is a considerable amount of income. More importantly, the county’s essay competition has made this guy famous.
/Even Mu Ziyuan was quite unconvinced by this, but he was not good at writing essays in the first place. As Nang Bowan of Bo Book Publishing House, he did not bother to write these things.
But when he saw Li Yongsheng winning the award, he was still very unbalanced and always thought, “What the hell are you writing?” So this time Bai Lili asked him to write, and he wrote more and more abstractly – this is literature, Do you understand?
Li Yongsheng understands, but he only understands the other party’s insincere mentality, and really doesn’t like this pretentious article.
Faced with such accusations, he replied unceremoniously, “I also respect Senior Ziyuan, but I have a suggestion. Articles are for people to read, not for pretense!” ”
I earned five silver dollars. , you are so crazy that you don’t know how high the sky is.” Xue Zhiqiang stood up angrily and looked at Bai Lili, “President Bai, if you are interested in such a person, I would be ashamed to be associated with him!”
He is not ugly, tall and tall. He is tall and tall, and has a dignified appearance. He speaks solemnly and has a strong aura.
“Li Yongsheng doesn’t like it, then I’ll take it back,” Bai Lili was not angry.
She actually didn’t plan to show this article to Li Yongsheng, because she knew that he had asked some articles to be read on the radio. Mu Ziyuan’s articles were really not suitable to be read on the radio.
However, there are not many articles written by others that can be us