rmation alone.”

Seeing Wei Xiaobei frowning, Zhu Xinyi hurriedly grabbed Wei Xiaobei’s arm and shook it.
/“Okay, okay!”
Wei Xiaobei couldn’t stand Zhu Xinyi’s trick of coquettishness, so he had no choice but to nod in agreement.
Of course, Zhu Xinyi reminded herself that the two apprentices were no longer ordinary people. After wandering in the gray world for so long, they really shouldn’t be treated as children. Besides, she also needed helpers. After all, there were so many people. The advantage is that it is easier to handle things.
Since everyone left together, Wei Xiaobei didn’t waste any time. He locked the door of the martial arts hall with an old-fashioned iron lock and drove the off-road vehicle towards the airport. Huang Kun called Zhou Rong’s secretary. He helped to order three tickets to Suzhou, so after the three of them rushed to the airport, they got on the plane smoothly.
When the plane landed, Wei Xiaobei dialed Yao Wu’s phone number: “Third senior brother, I’m here.”
Yao Wu’s image at this time was completely different from the third senior brother Wei Xiaobei was familiar with.
The face is full of beard, haggard and slovenly, and the red threads in the eyes indicate that he has not slept for an unknown amount of time.
His left hand was in a plaster, hanging on his chest.
“Third Senior Brother! What’s wrong with you?”
When Wei Xiaobei saw Yao Wu’s appearance, he was a little worried at first, but now his worry was magnified to the extreme. The three senior brothers were all like this, so master, senior brother, I’m afraid?
“I’m fine. It’s just a minor injury. It’s just Master and Senior Brother. I didn’t protect them well.”
The third senior brother looked like nothing was wrong, but when he mentioned master and senior brother, his expression suddenly became extremely ashamed.
Next, Wei Xiaobei saw his master, senior brother, lying in the intensive care unit.
From the words of his third senior brother Yao Wu, Wei Xiaobei finally knew the ins and outs of this incident.
It turned out that after Cheng Biwu returned to Suzhou to rebuild the martial arts gym, he sent his senior brother to participate in a Suzhou martial arts competition and won the championship. As a result, he became famous. Many students came here because of his reputation. It can be said that business was booming.
But after all, there is only such a big place in Suzhou, and there are only so many students who love martial arts. If the business of Cheng’s martial arts school is booming, it will naturally weaken the business of other martial arts schools.
As a result, it naturally aroused the hostility of some martial arts schools.
At the beginning, there were quite a few people who came to kick the gym, but just the eldest brother and the third senior brother were enough to deal with those kicking the gym.
After a period of time, the reputation of Cheng’s martial arts gym became louder and louder due to these kickers.
But as time goes by, these contradictions accumulate more and more.
Among them, the one that has th