als who have been here for more than 40,000 years and gather their caves, then why should I practice any ancestral methods? Why should I fear the catastrophe?”

The master of Niwan Palace said, “At that time, my cultivation level had already shocked the past and surpassed all people in the past and present. Even in the distant future, there will be no existence that can match my cultivation level. A mere catastrophe can be overcome with a snap of a finger. .”
Fairy Qingqiu looked sad.
The mentor and friend she once had no longer existed. What was in front of her now was just a terrifying monster who wanted to survive, harvest others, and ascend.
That righteous leader has completely fallen.
She was very sad.
After the death of her master, she had the idea of ??living with Qingshan forever, but the owner of Niwan Palace kindly invited her to go out and work hard for the revival of Qi refining together with the heroes of that era.
They were all the smartest people of that era. While digging for ancient truths, they were restoring Taoist and magical powers and deciphering the lost secrets.
Their hard work paid off, and they also achieved extraordinary achievements while deciphering those ancient Taoist and magical powers.
Qingyu has always respected the master of Niwan Palace. After her master died, the master of Niwan Palace became the mountain in her heart.
Now, the mountain has collapsed.
Xu Ying was still a little confused and asked: “Then, how do you know the traces and whereabouts of every fisherman? Each of them carefully hides himself, tries his best to avoid others, and never reveals his true identity. Think about it. It will be extremely difficult to find them.”
The owner of Niwan Palace explained: “They harvest Nuo Immortals and their own kind. During the harvest, I occasionally have contact with them. I will record everyone’s breath. As time goes by, I will record everyone’s breath. .Besides, I’m more than that.”
A bright halo slowly appeared behind him. The brightness of the halo even surpassed the sun and moon in the sky. It was the Nuozu Cave and Yuchi Cave that Xu Ying had been searching for for a long time but to no avail!
The Yuchi Cave is connected to the Yuxu Palace and is the cave controlled by Nuo Lu, the ancestor of Nuo.
/Xu Ying’s heart was slightly shaken. When he, Emperor Zhou and others were searching for gods in all the worlds, the master of Niwan Palace was probably not idle either.
/The owner of Niwan Palace smiled and said: “I found Nuo Lu who was recovering from his injuries in the underworld. By coincidence, he was severely injured by a strong man from Wei Ruins. They were both severely injured, but I took advantage of it. I got this cave, I am the Nuo Ancestor myself, and everyone who enters the other side to steal the Immortal Fire cannot hide it from my eyes and ears.”
Xu Ying praised: “Your Excellency is very thoughtful. To you, the tear-stained man is just a small fish, almost not worth harvesting, but you still harvested him. This shows that other anglers have been