“Are you crazy? Krich, you are really crazy. Get up. What’s the use of such a childish conversion?
/Get up. , if others see you, you will be chopped off, chopped off, I, I, my God…” Looking at his friend’s crazy behavior, Akzi stopped him in panic, but when he was about to use force to kill Kerry When Qi pulled himself up from the mud, he suddenly saw a milky white divine grace flashing on his friend’s body, and his whole body froze.
Krich, who was kneeling next to him, prayed in a low voice and finished a self-composed prayer. Then he stood up, stretched out his palms, and looked down at the white light flowing around him. In a casual movement, a stream of light came from the soil. Summoned five or six ferocious giants that were as tall as two people.
Then he looked at Akqi with a slightly distorted face and said: “I knew that a true god who could make all the thousands of gods in the ‘Green Fire World’ lose all their power must have power that we can’t imagine.
I, I, I…” looking at the flashing lights around him A friend with a pure and powerful divine grace that he has never seen before, Akzi stammered and hesitated for a long time with a blank expression. Finally, he gritted his teeth and suddenly knelt down on the ground, praying in a low voice: “Great wizard. Li, you are the true faith in heaven…”
As a person who once believed in false gods , If the members of the god’s sacrificial family convert first, there will definitely be endless benefits, and now it seems that it is indeed the case.
Such an opportunity will never come twice in a lifetime, Akchi, Akchi, my dear friend, hurry up, pray to the true God, so that you can get salvation and grace. ”
And as his prayers floated up to the sky, gathered together with millions of prayers, and fell into the ears of the Wu Li god suspended in the sky, Zhang Lisheng’s pale face was unconsciously He showed a joyful smile.
Chapter 740 ‘Mending the Sky’ (3)
Regarding the pros and cons of the entire system of ‘mythical civilization’, there is really no one who has conquered two ‘worlds’ and established them single-handedly as a god. Wu Li, the god who established a powerful theocratic regime, knows better.
He knows that the most contradictory characteristic of mythological civilization is that
it is both extremely strong and extremely fragile. It is said to be strong because of the hundreds of millions of people living in this civilization system. Most of them have faith as spiritual support. As long as they still believe that the gods they believe in are infinitely powerful and can bring devout believers eternal salvation, they will not be afraid of death. There is almost no way to shake them. The entire civilization system Naturally, it is unbreakable.
But faith, the most powerful support, is also the most obvious loophole of mythical civilization. As long as there is an enemy who can use unparalleled tyranny to directly defeat the idols worshiped by hundreds of millions of people in mythical civilization and destroy what they have