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” As long as you have such a mind, get ready. ” Min Lan nodded, glanced at the young man and walked away.
/At this time, he saw that an elite disciple had personally come to inform Zhang Lisheng to go with him. The strange look on Chu Xiang’s face had long been wiped away, and he shook his head and said: “No wonder Junior Brother Zhang I didn’t know the situation yet, but it turned out that I was directly following Boss Su, which was really incomparable to us ‘grassroots’. ”
Senior Brother Chu is a forward, I can’t compare to Sa. ” “Zhang Lisheng smiled noncommittally, bowed his hands towards Chu Xiang and returned to his room. There was nothing to prepare. He just drank two cans of Coke, lay on the bed and rested for a while, then waited until Minlan came again. Seeing
the young man Unexpectedly, her hands appeared in front of her empty. The girl opened her mouth and said, “Li Sheng, why didn’t you bring anything else? You have to bring a few bags of feed to feed the witch bugs, right?” ”
You mean those ‘good things’ made by compressing expired blood plasma with animal fat,” Zhang Lisheng shrugged and said, “I don’t even have a single witch bug on me, so there’s no point in spreading it after buying it.” ”
I thought you had a witchcraft to hide witch bugs. You, you don’t usually carry witch bugs with you, so what kind of death sect wizard you are…
Forget it, I didn’t expect you to fight, but you are empty-handed like this.” It’s really outrageous.” Min Lan thought for a moment and threw her backpack to Zhang Lisheng, “You can help me carry it as a shield.
/Don’t look down on those tricks in the sect. You must know that they are the most practical methods that have been studied bit by bit by the great witches and true witches of our predecessors.
Everyone knows that the witch bugs fed with their own essence and blood or raw blood and flesh are the most ferocious, but the consumption is too great. Unless they are great witches like Uncle Chen who have specially practiced the ‘Insect Nest Technique’, they will inevitably have to take a tricky approach. ”
“Sister, the Master Chen you are talking about is the same Master Chen who went to Yuwo Village with you that day to find me? “Zhang Lisheng, who was following Min Lan, had a thought in his heart and said it like a tongue twister.
“Of course it’s him. Uncle Chen and my master are now sent by Old God Su to Boss Su. They say they will help guide the younger generation, but in fact they just listen. “Min Lan said in a low voice.
“So, the method used by Uncle Chen to crawl out the winged flying snake from his nostrils was not a witchcraft, but a magic method? “A strong interest arose in the young man’s heart, and he asked again.
Chapter 364 Li’men’
saw Zhang Lisheng’s coveting thoughts, Min Lan walked out of the yard and lowered his voice: “Uncle Chen can hide witch bugs in his nose. This is exactly the method of insect hive magic.
But although this witchcraft is not unique to him, it is still a very precious skill, so don’t worry abou