ontact the ‘law of life.'” Yin Kuang really felt that he was about to become messy, “It’s just a little bit close, just a little bit close. Damn it!”

ontact the ‘law of life.'” Yin Kuang really felt that he was about to become messy, “It’s just a little bit close, just a little bit close. Damn it!”
/“Hiss” took a deep breath, exhaled slowly, and Yin Kuang calmed himself down. He knew that if he continued to struggle, he might really go crazy. Just now, he almost lost control of the power in his body.
“No! This can’t go on like this!” Yin Kuang shook his head, “The calculations and calculations are all vain. I’m really tired of using my brain to think of countermeasures. How long has it been since I had a good fight? Since Entering this world is like going back to the time when you were weak, cautious step by step, lifeless, with no fighting spirit or passion. You only know how to use your brain to think about how to scheme against others, and how to prevent being schemed against by others. What does this mean? This is a college. Ah! Fight! Let’s have a fight! Why are you looking forward and backward? Why are you always relying on calculations and ensuring safety and security like before? What’s the point for us? Anyway, I’m holding back a lot of anger and depression now, so why not Let’s have a good fight!”
/Yin Kuang gritted his teeth, clenched his fists, and murmured: “You all want to kill each other by scheming and outsmarting each other, and you have never had a real fight until now. Hey, then I will now I want to smash all your plans with a stick!”
In fact, if possible, Yin Kuang would rather imitate Sakyamuni or Lao Tzu, find a place to sit down peacefully, and feel enlightened by heaven and earth. Based on his current accumulation in college, he believes that given enough time, he can completely enter the state of “forgetfulness and ruthlessness”, and it will only be a matter of time before he understands the law of destruction. This is what the guys in the junior year did. Those who had “condensed their axis” went to various worlds to find “themselves”, and those who didn’t “condensed their axis” “enlightened the Tao” in the world they obtained. Therefore, few people still go to class in their junior year. But for Yin Kuang, the current situation does not give him that much time to sit down and “enlighten”. And that “one step away” was stuck in my heart like a fish bone, and just now I almost went crazy. Yin Kuang knew very well that if he did not vent his depression, it would be very harmful. And fighting and killing people is undoubtedly the best way for him to vent his anger!
“Hey! Just let me be impulsive! Since you don’t do anything, let’s have some fun!” He picked up a piece of snacks that Diao Chan prepared for him and took a big bite. “Huh? It tastes pretty good. !”
Yin Kuang had some concerns in his heart, but he did not act impatiently. On the contrary, he became calmer. He spent three full days checking out the locations, and gradually formed a complete action plan in his mind. Except for some time, he spent the rest of the time locked in a small courtyard to adjust his condition, and ignored his affairs. Even if Wang Yun came to se