, not much pocket money, this is the only thing he can do.

, not much pocket money, this is the only thing he can do.
Unfortunately, the bad news happened so suddenly. Before the cake was handed over to Han Xuan, he heard the passengers on the same plane talking about the news of Princess Diana’s death. He was so distraught that he hurriedly turned the plane around and flew to France.
Seeing Han Xuan at this moment, the very young Prince Harry couldn’t help but feel sad and started crying again. William also looked depressed. After such a long time, he had already understood the fact that his mother was gone.
Han Xuan reached out to touch the chinchilla in Harry’s arms. The little fat guy struggled out and ran along Prince Harry’s black suit to Han Xuan’s hand. It seemed that the royal family’s food was quite good, and the white chinchilla was well-fed. Chubby, no lighter than his father Mickey.
The reporters saw Han Xuan talking to the prince and took a few photos to publish in the newspaper. Some reporters were immediately excited because Giovanni, the heir to the Borromeo family, was also present today, and old Gabriel was also present. .
When Prince Said of Dubai visited the Snow Mountain Ranch, he asked about Han Xuan’s defendant.
Indeed, Han Xuan was really sued to court by Giovanni, so old Gabriel brought his son over today to accomplice him.
This matter started from the day Giovanni held an adult dance in New York. Han Xuan In anger, he slapped Giovanni, and then he was scolded by his father. He stayed up all night after returning home.
The more I thought about it, the angrier I felt. I felt that my face had disappeared with that slap. At least the attitudes of the ladies from wealthy families who were close to me in the past had become distant. All kinds of ridicule and ridicule spread among the upper class circles. , everyone knows the trouble.
It was not that Giovanni had never thought about using his connections to spend some money to teach Han Xuan a lesson. In fact, he actually did so. However, when several gangsters he found heard that the target was Han Xuan, they were frightened on the spot. His face turned pale.
No one dared to take this job. If they hadn’t received a 10,000-dollar commission, and the Borromeo family had a close relationship with the Italian mafia, they might have turned around and sold the news to Han Xuan or Mr. Han, and forged a relationship. A friendship.
With Han Xuan’s current status, he is not someone who can be provoked by gangsters. Everyone on the street knows about Old Man Han’s relationship with the Chinese gang. If his arms buried underground were not thick enough, he would have been picked by someone in the early stages of the development of the SOS Group. .
Faced with their perfunctory attitude, Giovanni was so angry that he subconsciously thought that the gangs were not as ruthless as the legend said, and that they were just a bunch of timid guys.
/In the end, without telling Old Gabriel, he hired a lawyer to sue Han Xuan to the New York Federal Court for “intentional injury.” He knew there was no ho