without nonsense.

without nonsense.
Xiao Jinsong handed the microphone to Wu Wei, the host of the New Year’s Day party, and walked to the side and sat down.
Wu Wei took the microphone and began to ask the classmates to volunteer and perform.
In Wang Bo’s memory, the three years of New Year’s Day parties were actually lackluster. Let everyone take exams and do homework, and the class has been trained to become an exam machine. Everyone in the audience has no problem speaking at all, and they do it as soon as they pick up a pen; but when it comes to performing in public, few people have the courage. Wang Bo remembers that as the host of the program, Wu Wei would ask the students in the class to come forward and perform on their own initiative every year. However, There were basically no people who dared to take the move boldly, so in the end they had to play drums to pass the flowers, chasing the ducks to the shelves and letting the unlucky ones get on.
The atmosphere this year was obviously different. As soon as Wu Wei finished speaking about volunteering, everyone in the class looked at Wang Bo’s position and pinned them on his head.
“Oh, it seems that we all have a common partner. So, now let us use the warmest applause to welcome our ‘Prince of Love Songs’ Wang Bo to sing for us. Do you agree?” Responding to everyone’s gaze, It was the host Wu Wei’s suggestion, something that had never happened in my previous life.
“I want it.”
“Brother Bo, stand up!”
/“Brother Bo, it’s up to you!”
Countless cheers rang out one after another, accompanied by bursts of louder and longer-lasting claps than the slaps given to class teacher Xiao Jinsong just now. applause. These guys, when it’s their turn, act like cowards, but when it’s their turn to encourage others, they work harder than anyone else.
“Wang Bo, tonight is up to you!” The applause stopped, and suddenly, a voice sounded at the door of Class 7 classroom.
“Ah, Teacher Tang!”
“There are Teacher Yu and Teacher Jiang!”
“Teacher Cai is here too!”
“Oh my god, all the teachers who teach our main course are here! What’s going on?”
“What’s going on? Didn’t you listen to Tang? Teacher? They all came to listen to Wang Bo’s new song! It’s a pity that Wang Bo entertained everyone!” “”
Chinese teacher Tang Suzhen, English teacher Yu Deying, physics teacher Jiang Mingjun and chemistry teacher Cai Ronghua appeared one after another At the door of the Class 7 classroom, the students in Class 7 suddenly became excited. All the main teachers gathered together, which was unprecedented. Immediately, the students of Class 7 greeted the teachers and whispered! Even Xiao Jinsong, who was leisurely sitting near the podium with his legs crossed, was a little “shocked” and quickly stood up from his seat to greet his colleagues!
/“Let us welcome Teacher Tang, Teacher Yu, Teacher Jiang and Teacher Cai with the warmest applause!” The host Wu Wei was also shocked and was stunned for a while before reacting. As soon as the words fell, there was a burst of overwhelming a